What is the DMR Club

Doncaster, Meltham & Racine (USA) are the factories where the brands of tractor and machinery that we aim to raise the profile of and keep alive the excellent brands of agricultural machinery – Case, David Brown, David Brown Case, Case International, International Harvester and McCormick International.


The DMR club welcomes enthusiasts with any make of tractor and machinery for either horse or tractor use, produced by any of the three factories from the mid 1800's right up until recently when the Doncaster factory closed

The Club is currently being organised by an “Interim Committee” until after the Club launch when a meeting will be arranged to enable new Members to put themselves forward for the future committee.

The AIMS of the club are :-

1. To raise the profile of these machines, Case, DB, DB Case etc.

2. To make all events educational, social and friendly occasions.

3. All activities to be held in the interest of Members and the Club.

4. Open to any age and person throughout the world.

We look forward to seeing you around the countryside on our travels.
If you have an event that needs supporting please let us know.

Please Note:

  • All members of the DMR Tractor & Machinery Club are covered for Public Liability Insurance purposes by the Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Company.


Remember Subscriptions are due on January 1st

DMR Tractor Club needs you to find new recruits

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